Service Procedure

What is the YOOLO service procedure?


Prosedur layanan YOOLO Indonesia :

1. Customer mengajukan permohonan pelayanan pada kolom yang disediakan ( Buka Homepage Paling Bawah )
2. YOOLO akan menerima permohonan sesuai antrean
3. Informasi mengenai permohonan pelayanan akan diarahkan ke bagian yang terkait
4. Customer akan dihubungi oleh pihak terkait
5. Pihak YOOLO akan membantu customer untuk menyelesaikan permohonan pelayanan yang telah diajukan.

How it Works

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Our Great Team

It’s no doubt that when a development takes longer to complete, additional costs to
integrate and test each extra feature creeps up and haunts most of us.
Paul Miles
Development Lead
Melisa Marcus
Creative Director
David Nilson
Python Expert
Anne Clarc
Project Manager
Ricky Hunt
Art Director
Alice Wayde
Marketing Manager
Carles Puyol
QA Managers

YOOLO Indonesia is an e-business platform that provides used car buying and selling services to prospective buyers with the 360 virtual reality technology feature. YOOLO Indonesia presents a used car buying and selling ecosystem digitally through only one platform from the buying process to resale.

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